Mandell Mobile Applications         

for the iPhone/iPad


I specialize in displaying content from websites.  This includes secure communication with server, encrypting passwords, storing passwords in the iPhone keychain, ... or just scraping websites.   I can use various protocols (such as SOAP, REST with JSON Payload) for data communication to the website, so I can accommodate whichever protocol your organization uses.   I use the iPhone features for displaying your content in the wonderful iPhone user interface, that iPhone users come to expect. 

Check out below;  my two most recent comments on oDesk!

Take Care!


“I hired Jon to assess the feasibility of my app (based on a prototype and a summary of my intended market), and for his technical expertise in programming for the iPhone. His assistance (invaluable) helped me select the correct methods in which to implement the app and he provided suggestions that improved performance and usability.

He went beyond the scope of my job description to help me with memory issues of the app, creating device profiles and beta testing. Jon even helped me with app submission and marketing suggestions!” ...

“Jon Mandell is one of the most skillful, intelligent, hard working and passionate person i have come across. He is excellent in communication and exceptionally courteous. Not only did he do a fine work on the app, he was able to design difficult scientific calculators with ease. He was a great team worker and even put in effort to solve issues that were not a part of the app. I would give him 10 stars if i could and would highly recommend him.”  ...ScienceAndMore.


Display Your Webservice Content on the iPhone/iPad